Long time no talk! We’re back with the #ENTREEND series and want to share the latest and greatest before we go on VACAY! Come get cozy in our favorite products from Commando! Let’s go through a few, shall we?


  • Low-Beams: the tried and true “headlight concealer” for those super-slinky dresses, summer whites, and year-round favorites.
  • Top-Hats: More coverage than a “Low-Beam” the Top Hats conceal the girls and don’t take away from your stylish ensemble.
  • Take-Offs: The lift without the lift, if you know what we mean. Comfy, cozy adhesive tape for under skin-tight garments and blouses that are not as bra friendly as we would like them to be.


  • “Better Than Nothing” undies! The original underwear for under ANYTHING. Check out this season’s new prints, too.
  • (Not Pictured): THE SLIP. This is a lifesaver. A lifelong love of the stylist’s at Entrée – this sweet slip is the ideal solution for barely-there lace, peek-a-boo dresses, and other summer essentials that need an extra LIGHT layer. Available in Black and Nude, S/M and M/L.
  • (Not Pictured): THE BANDO. This one will be your favorite undergarment again and again. Wear under a low-cut blouse, a top that’s not bra friendly, or even OVER your trusty bra for some extra flair and support. Stretchy, comfortable front and thick lace back. Available in Black and White, OS.


xo Entrée